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02 November 2008 @ 05:52 pm
My sister was here last Thursday and left on Tuesday morning.  I had to pick her up at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana because all the flights to San Diego were filled.  She flies stand by.  I left a message on Ken's phone telling him where i was.  Just as I was picking up my sister, Ken called and said," What are you doing Pilgrim?" in his John Wayne voice.  It really did startle me.We traveled the 70 miles south without incident.  When she got to my house, she oohed and aahed.  I think she really did like the place.  We did the usual went to many, many restaurants, drove to La Jolla, went to the farmer's market, etc..  she did go to church with me on Sunday and she had the minister's wife Kathryn standing there with her mouth open.  It seems Bruce her husband lives about four blocks from Barbara's house in Bay Village, Ohio.  Kathryn lived in Shaker Heights which is on the other side of Cleveland.  My sister has a summer home in Northern Michigan (Iron Mountain-Niagra-Kingsford area)  Bruce's mother is in a nursing home in Kingsford, Michigan.  Bruce's brother lives in Barrington Illinois which is one suburb away from Arlington Heights where I came from.  Small world, isn't it?  Well, enough for tonight.  Will tell you next time of my trip to the flea market with Michael.
02 November 2008 @ 05:44 pm
I have realized I have not written for two whole weeks.  I really have been busy,  However I am going to copy the letter I mailed today to the Friends of the Library in Arlington Heights.  Dear Friends,

I have just received your brochure about the coming sale. It could not have come at a better time.  I volunteered at the San Diego Library downtown.  The Big Library.  First day cost me $8.00 to park.  I met the other friend two floors below street level. Since she is handicapped, she can park anywhere. Now on Mondays I drive to her house, and we drive together to the library which is not open until noon and work in an area larger than the area I first started when I joined the Friends, but half the size of the area when I left the Arlington area.  Did you get that there are two friends at the San Diego Library?  Yep, Michelle and me.  The place is utter chaos.  They sell every week on seven carts which we prepare on Monday.  Their one dollar books are our throwaways.  Their good books are marked anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00.  The paperbacks are three for a $1.00 no matter the age or the content.  Michelle hates the librarians who bring down the books and never speaks well of the library.  Why she is a friend, I do not understand.  The president of the Friends comes down and does absolutely nothing, but tell Michelle not to put books on this table or that table.  He is quite old and is really more of a hinderence than anything else.  Michelle said she did quit once because of him.  I just ask what she would like me to do and then do it.  On Friday afternoon, Sat. all day and Sunday afternoon, the friends have their sale.  They say they average 5 to 6 hundred dollars a week.  However a week ago I saw their sales sheet and I do not believe it was even $150.00

They have one section allocated to internet sales.  The bigger, newer and better books are there.There are boxes all over.  Some have books in them, and some have garbage in them.  I asked if the maintenance people  empty the garbage.  Of course, they do not.  You have to go to a freight elevator and go up two floors and bring the garbage out to the dumpster.  If I did not think this was so funny, I would cry.

I remember my daughter telling me when she went to the library in Detroit. She called and said the Detroit library was no way near anything like the Arlington library.  Prior to this she thought all libraries were created equal.  I now believe the same for the Friends Organizations in different libraries.

When you have your banquet in May, think of Michelle and me sitting out in back of the library with the homeless eating a crust of bread.  Yes, the homeless is big in San  Diego, and their area is downtown around the library.  I will be sending pictures of the area when I stop having so many wonderful new experiences.

This was the best thing I could have done for myself.  I am all moved into my little 2 bedroom house with the garage 1/2 block away.  My daughter came twice to help and I am totally moved in with all the pictures on the wall.etc.  IKEA is a great place for furniture.  Cheap and easy to put together.

My landlord (81) takes me out to lunch on Tuesdays.  He is widowed and quite interesting for lunch dates.  He can't drive at night because he can't see too well.  I think he lives about 30 minutes away.

I am trying to decide between 2 churches to join.  I think for now I will go to one on one Sunday and the next Sunday the other church.  One is Presbyterian and the other is a community church.

I have been invited to a gay wedding next Saturday.  My last winter's landlord is getting married.  He has been with his partner for 27 years.  He also owns an antique shop near by and has offered me a job one day a week in his shop.  When I  was here last winter, I gave him some of my junk jewelry to sell.  He gave me a check for $130.00 today.  People around here seem to have a great deal of money and are not miserly in using it. 

The restaurants are quite good.  I usually go out for lunch.  Better prices just like at home.  Shows are a bit more expensive, but again if I do go , I would go in the afternoon.

My sister is coming next week and plans to stay five days.  She asked me today about the weather.  there have been some 90degree days.  I asked,"Why?" when this is supposed to be the perfect weather spot.  Evidently in the spring and in the fall there are about four or five days that go out of kilter and do foolish things like get too hot.  Sure enough, The Santa Ana winds came and now the weather is back to the 70's.  However the Santa Anas blow from the land out to the sea and that is when the fires come also.  I am close to the fires like Arlington Heights is to Chicago, but am in no danger as I live in town and the canyon is a good two blocks from the house.

Canyons are another experience.  You can travel the expressways or you can go surface streets.  A picture would explain more.  When you are on an expressway in town, you could see six or more roads overhead twisting and turning in all directions.  This is the way you go over a canyon and into another populated area.  It sounds much more complicated than it really is.  I also live five minutes away from Balboa Park.  Every week end there is something going on in the park.

When I am in the bank, park, shopping mall I look around and see Chinese, Japanese, Africans(depending which area they come from dressed according to their country) Mexicans(most tellers, restaurant  workers etc. speak Eng. and Spanish)
It is truly an area of  many different  and very friendly people.  I truly feel happy just being here.  Hopefully will not take so long in writing in the journal againn.
28 September 2008 @ 09:21 pm
cynthia said one word to me.   PARAGRAPHS.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She then told me all my blogs are one paragraph each.  i had no idea.  When you change subjects, you then start a new paragraph.  

OK so now I start a new paragraph.  I have plans for the entire week.  It is to things that I absolutely enjoy.  Monday it's curves in the morning, and then I go shopping, banking, library,etc.  Just the mundane things, but somehow doing it in San Diego is much more interesting than plain old Chicago area.

I also got another dog sitting gig for mid October.  I hope my sister likes pugs.  They may overlap by one day.

I am going to try to finish my dickey this week.  I think the neck may be too large, However the yarn is very soft and very fine so I have twice as many stitches as the pattern calls for because of the thinness of the yarn.  I put two different speckled colors together and came out with perfect autumn colors.

Speaking of the library, I start tutoring Wednesday evening at the Kensington library.  I talked to the president of the friends today of the san diego library and will be starting  a week from tomorrow.  Again there is a parking situation, but I think I get to park in the librarian's parking lot.  San Diego has no parking spaces no where near anything of importance.

I may go to Ikea if I have time.  I do have to have my nails done and also I must not forget the grandfather clock which may not be there.  that is another story.  I will say more after I have the clock back in my possession.

I paid my first rent check today.  UGH.  I usually receive them.  It is funny to be on the other end.  bye for now.
24 September 2008 @ 06:20 pm
well, the place is put together pretty good.  I did go to Goodwill and bought a large vase which now hold 2 dozen roses.  It sits on the library table and is quite pretty.  I also bought a yellow lemon and green leaf bowl which holds my keys.  Thank Goodness I saved  many pieces of embrodiered pieces my mother did because now they are on tables, chairs, etc... Today I also bought flowers for the outside. Tomorrow I will go to a thrift store and find a big bowl of sort to put the six plants in and then put it on the table on the front porch.  I stopped at the library and the librarian already has two boys six and seven who need tutoring in reading.  I may do that on Wednesday evenings.  I will call the president of the friends this week and see about going in and working with the books.  I also put the car in the garage today for the first time.  Talk about a small garage.  I got out twice to make sure it would fit through the doorway.  Can you see scratches on either side of my nice, new car?  Ugh............Shopping at the market on the week-end is great.  I checked prices of what I paid for my fish and what was charged at the stores.  I got the better deal.  Plus it is fresh off the docks.  I ate the tuna today and I must say it is really good.  I do have a problem with the dog across the street who keeps barking constantly.  The dog has awakened me twice this week.  He is in the front window and whenever anyone passes, he goes crazy.  I think the first step is to go over there and politely ask them to keep their dog from barking, close the window or keep him in the backyard or all of the above.  If anyone has anything to offer, I really would appreciate it. bye for now.  the dog is  barking again.  Mature person that I am I sometimes go to my front door and slam it.  they may not hear it, but it does make me feel good.  Can you imagine that dog's head being caught in the door?  bye.
23 September 2008 @ 06:44 pm
well, I am about to sit on tuesday waiting for the SDGE(for non Californians that is San Diego Gas and Electric)  Well, all of this is about to change when Nova and Cynthia.  Nova being the key word.  When I told her of my predicament, she responded, "You are not a native San Diegoan.  We do not tolerate this,"  With that she went outside with her cell phone and within  an hour our gas and electric was turned on.  She also  has the ability to have a parking spot open up to where we are going.  If you have not lived in California, you have no idea what a golden talent that is.  Some of the biggest restaurants, shops, etc.  have no parking area.  Space is such a premium.    Well, with electricity we went on to shop on Craig's list, IKEA, etc.  From Friday 8:00 A M. to Monday evening 7:00  P M.  the whole place was completely furnished.  Beds, tables, desks, living room table four chairs, 2 love seats and one stuffed  chair.  Everything I would ever want, I have.One funny incident happened at IKEA.  cynthia and I had been there the day before.  We picked out dining room table and four chairs, computer table and filing cabinet.  Next day the girls found a computer table better to their liking and after talking to me, bought it from Craig's list.  The next day Sunday I went to IKEA alone to return said two pieces.  I mention Sunday because being retired, that and Saturday are the two days I never go shopping.  The return line was unbelievable.  I was #64 and there were on 2 when I got there.  The gal who waited on me was quite sharp.  Since I didn't have anything to do but wait, I counted the number of people each of the three workers handled.  By far she was over three to one and I told her so.  That is an old Bob trick, If you see something nice, be sure to tell them about it.  So I did.  She said she enjoys her work.  Nice girl.  I leave and go upstairs and order the two love seats and one stuffed chair.  I was quite lucky because they were on sale and there were only three units of three left.  I was really proud of myself.  Next I take the paper the clerk handed me and I had to check out.  Again, there were many many check out stalls , but there were many, many, many many more people in line.  In front of me a young couple spent over $1,000.00. They had two carts between them.  Finally i paid for the furniture and the young man told me to go stand in the delivery line so they would know where and when to delivery the furniture.  While I was filling out the form and standing in another very long line, my phone rang.  It was Cynthia.  I told her I had returned the other two pieces and now was standing in the delivery line.  I got a big "WHAT?'  She then goes on to tell me that she had been to IKEA and had already bought the 2 love seats and chair.  So I step out of line.  If I stood upside down, I would be grinning.  I went back to the return department.  This department was so full there was no where to sit...  When the nice clerk from before saw me, she yelled out"What happened?'   I said  'Long story"  She beckoned for me to come up to explain to her what had happened.  She said I had waited long enough before.  With only paper to cancel out paper, her transaction was done in seconds.  I thanked her and then found out she had been born in DeKalb, Illinois which is just a hop and a skip away from Rockford.  Anyway I am finding even errors are fun in California.  There are more fun things happening, but I will add more tomorrow.
18 September 2008 @ 05:27 pm
It has taken me two and one half years to move from and sell two houses.  The first house was not so bad as i had a sales representative who sold the house for me.  I moved tons of boxes and furniture from that house to the second house. Three garage sales and two years later second house was fairly empty.  I was totally amazed at how much I had acquired.  Now that most everything is gone, I cannot even remember what I had.  Which proves things are not important.  I still have all the creature comforts and also feel much lighter and happier with not so much to be accountable for. I left Arlington Heights at 6:00 A. M. on a Thursday morning. It was drizzling.  There was no traffic. I had my new car and I knew where I was going.  I was going To Dr. Kenneth Lidge's house in Kansas City.  Trip wan uneventful unlike last time when my gas tank was on empty and there were no gas stations anywhere.  I got off the main road and 20 miles later found a gas station in a town where the gas station and grocery store were the only buildings of the town.  45 minutes later I was back on the same route.  I arrive at Ken's.  Ken is always fun to visit because he has a list of places to eat and thrift shops to visit.  I stayed a Ken's longer than I expected because the house was not going to be ready until 9/15.  On Tuesday 9/10 I called the management company.   "OH, YES,' they said 'THE HOUSE IS READY NOW.' Well bless me if I could have taken the phone wire and strangled that lady in San Diego, I would have.  For a management firm they did not manage too well.  I should have known when I called on Sept 10, their answering machine said, 'We will be closed for Labor Day."  I think they are a few inches short of a yard or many bricks short of a ton. Anyway  leaving 8:00 A. M. Wednesday I drive day and night and arrive in San Diego at 1:00 A. M. Friday. I found a Motel 8 and checked in.  When I parked I saw signs all over the parking area stating"WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLES STOLEN FROM CARS' This was written on regular paper and printed from a computer.   Great.  My best possessions I had in the car.  My computers, Bose Radio, Grandfather mantle clock, some paintings, etc.  anyhow I went to bed and must have fallen asleep.  Next morning I go down and everything is fine.  Good thing I did not worry.  They had free breakfast.  I did notice a couple who ate breakfast there and then walked away.  Most people get into their cars and drive away.  Do you think I found a new place to have breakfast?  Or maybe a new hobby of going into motels early in the morning and just having free breakfasts.  That would be a good idea if I would think of getting up early in the morning.
  I get the key from said management company and want to check out the place before I sign a lease.  I go over. Open the refrigerator and NO LIGHT.  This is a brand new refrigerator.  I call said management company.  Response is 'the electricity must be turned off."  I return, sign the lease and the receptionist helps me by dialing the gas/electric co. who tells me they won't come out until next Tuesday to turn the power on.  Dumb me.  I just agree and make an appointment to stay in the house from  7:00 A. M. until 11:59 P. M..  That is the window of time they give you when they might arrive.     ( end of first part)

10 August 2008 @ 06:41 pm
well, here it is sunday night again and I have not written in my journal for awhile.  I have been so busy selling furniture. dishes etc.  I did give away my good set of dishes because no one wanted to buy them.  I do hope they will be used and enjoyed by the young family I gave them to.  Should not end a sentence with a proposition, but hell I am no longer teaching.  bye for now.
i cannot believe that i have not written since last April.  much has been done since that time,. one, i sold my house two i had another garage sale. that would be the third one since i have moved here.  Still my house is overloaded with possessions, i had no idea how many things i owned, three, i have mailed 12 boxes of my possessions out west towards where my new home will be.  Actually in church Sunday I thought how much nicer the church was in San Diego.  In less than two months i will be ensconced in San Diego.  Way to go Helene.  I should write more but i do not feel like it. bye.
09 April 2008 @ 04:27 pm
This spot is to be an uplifting outlook on one's life.  Last night I went out with a relative of my late husband's.  No names will be mentioned.  Everything started out well as we have not seen each other for awhile.  I said i would pay for dinner as we went to a good but cheap greek restaurant.  After I said I would pay, said person ordered a glass of wine and extra onion, extra cheese, extra anchovie etc.  we started out ordering the same meal.  Mine ended up costing $8.00 Hers was $16.00.  Next month when we go out I will have forgotten this, I hope.  Anyway the evening went fine until I mentioned after her bringing up about her thoughts of when her parents leave.  I mentioned therapy once which would help her if she had trouble coping.  Well this morning she called and said I kept telling her about therapy.  Maybe she won't call again.  While we having dinner, her brother called looking for her.  I think he checks up on her every evening to make sure she is home every evening.  He really is a good brother.  Anyway I lied, and said it was someone else.

Tonight I am going to bingo for the first time.  For the next two Wednesdays I have signed up at the senior center on ways to make money when you are 50,60,70.  I wonder why they did not mention 80.  While at the senior center they were taking pictures.  I asked of course if I did not know what was happening. do you think i would let it go by?  Anyhow they were taking pictures for free passes for the trains that go to Chicago. So I am getting a free pass.  In two weeks I am going downtown on an architectial tour. with 25 other people from church.  This is the same church when I went on Sunday just said hello as if they did not even know I was gone for 3 months. NOT ONE PERSON even recognized i had returned.        
The garage is coming along.  A shelf a day  is my motto.  Actually it has been rainy and cold, but i still went out there.  Kudos for me.
05 April 2008 @ 10:23 pm
I am back home now after having a wonderful time in California.  One of the perks of being home is that I just plugged in my laptop and it works.  I do not internet service supposedly.  the big computer does not work because the internet is not on.  The neighbors across the street had their yard completely cleaned, mulched and trees trimmed.  the men were there for two day.  A total of eight men.  I walked across the street and asked the boss what it would cost to just rake up leaves  and sticks throughout the yard and under bushes, cut up a BIG branch that broke off a big oak tree, and just leave the yard pristine.  After walking around the house, he told me $475.00.  I just kept raking and said the exercise would do me good.  I thought he would say$200.00.  He left.  I just kept working.  A few minutes he came back and said his guys would do the yard for$275.00  I said okay and now my yard looks as good as the neighbors.  I had added mulch last fall.  Now instead of yard work, I will be doing the garage.  The big garage sale will be May 2,3,4.  The black iron table and four chairs will have to be painted.  It will sell.This time I have to go through the house very carefully and  bring everything upstairs and outside so it can be sold.  With the cadillac gone, I have more room in the garage.