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05 April 2008 @ 10:23 pm
home is not where the heart is  
I am back home now after having a wonderful time in California.  One of the perks of being home is that I just plugged in my laptop and it works.  I do not internet service supposedly.  the big computer does not work because the internet is not on.  The neighbors across the street had their yard completely cleaned, mulched and trees trimmed.  the men were there for two day.  A total of eight men.  I walked across the street and asked the boss what it would cost to just rake up leaves  and sticks throughout the yard and under bushes, cut up a BIG branch that broke off a big oak tree, and just leave the yard pristine.  After walking around the house, he told me $475.00.  I just kept raking and said the exercise would do me good.  I thought he would say$200.00.  He left.  I just kept working.  A few minutes he came back and said his guys would do the yard for$275.00  I said okay and now my yard looks as good as the neighbors.  I had added mulch last fall.  Now instead of yard work, I will be doing the garage.  The big garage sale will be May 2,3,4.  The black iron table and four chairs will have to be painted.  It will sell.This time I have to go through the house very carefully and  bring everything upstairs and outside so it can be sold.  With the cadillac gone, I have more room in the garage.