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09 April 2008 @ 04:27 pm
the day after  
This spot is to be an uplifting outlook on one's life.  Last night I went out with a relative of my late husband's.  No names will be mentioned.  Everything started out well as we have not seen each other for awhile.  I said i would pay for dinner as we went to a good but cheap greek restaurant.  After I said I would pay, said person ordered a glass of wine and extra onion, extra cheese, extra anchovie etc.  we started out ordering the same meal.  Mine ended up costing $8.00 Hers was $16.00.  Next month when we go out I will have forgotten this, I hope.  Anyway the evening went fine until I mentioned after her bringing up about her thoughts of when her parents leave.  I mentioned therapy once which would help her if she had trouble coping.  Well this morning she called and said I kept telling her about therapy.  Maybe she won't call again.  While we having dinner, her brother called looking for her.  I think he checks up on her every evening to make sure she is home every evening.  He really is a good brother.  Anyway I lied, and said it was someone else.

Tonight I am going to bingo for the first time.  For the next two Wednesdays I have signed up at the senior center on ways to make money when you are 50,60,70.  I wonder why they did not mention 80.  While at the senior center they were taking pictures.  I asked of course if I did not know what was happening. do you think i would let it go by?  Anyhow they were taking pictures for free passes for the trains that go to Chicago. So I am getting a free pass.  In two weeks I am going downtown on an architectial tour. with 25 other people from church.  This is the same church when I went on Sunday just said hello as if they did not even know I was gone for 3 months. NOT ONE PERSON even recognized i had returned.        
The garage is coming along.  A shelf a day  is my motto.  Actually it has been rainy and cold, but i still went out there.  Kudos for me.
ElleVateellevate on April 14th, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
Hi cindigo's mom!