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24 September 2008 @ 06:20 pm
another day in paradis  
well, the place is put together pretty good.  I did go to Goodwill and bought a large vase which now hold 2 dozen roses.  It sits on the library table and is quite pretty.  I also bought a yellow lemon and green leaf bowl which holds my keys.  Thank Goodness I saved  many pieces of embrodiered pieces my mother did because now they are on tables, chairs, etc... Today I also bought flowers for the outside. Tomorrow I will go to a thrift store and find a big bowl of sort to put the six plants in and then put it on the table on the front porch.  I stopped at the library and the librarian already has two boys six and seven who need tutoring in reading.  I may do that on Wednesday evenings.  I will call the president of the friends this week and see about going in and working with the books.  I also put the car in the garage today for the first time.  Talk about a small garage.  I got out twice to make sure it would fit through the doorway.  Can you see scratches on either side of my nice, new car?  Ugh............Shopping at the market on the week-end is great.  I checked prices of what I paid for my fish and what was charged at the stores.  I got the better deal.  Plus it is fresh off the docks.  I ate the tuna today and I must say it is really good.  I do have a problem with the dog across the street who keeps barking constantly.  The dog has awakened me twice this week.  He is in the front window and whenever anyone passes, he goes crazy.  I think the first step is to go over there and politely ask them to keep their dog from barking, close the window or keep him in the backyard or all of the above.  If anyone has anything to offer, I really would appreciate it. bye for now.  the dog is  barking again.  Mature person that I am I sometimes go to my front door and slam it.  they may not hear it, but it does make me feel good.  Can you imagine that dog's head being caught in the door?  bye.
n2singn2sing on September 29th, 2008 02:22 am (UTC)
Dog Barking
Call The city and Inquiry what the city code is on barking dogs.. here they are not allowed to bark for more then half an hour, after that you can call the police and the owner gets ticket...The dog across the street from us has gotten several tickets because her dog never stops barking... The other option is to ask them to keep heir dog away from the front room of their house so he doesn't see the people walking by...Baby Gates... Buddy only barks when someone comes to the door and that is rare. Sometimes he barks when people are outside with him at the same time but that is rare too.