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09 March 2008 @ 03:26 pm
Today while walking in front of the church before services, three  older men were leaving the church.  They passed me and as I turned to go up the ramp, one of the men turned around to look at me.  I just smiled and kept walking into church.  Who would think that at this age someone actually turned around to get another peek.  Made my day.  Even as I write this I am smiling.  Yesterday was a great day too.  Showed off my finished scarf to the teacher and she showed the class and really oohed and aahed over it.  some of the class members did not know the stitch.  I was shocked.  they all seem to be advanced knitters.  anyone a young man in class came up to me and asked me if i could show him how to knit that scarf.  I will call him this week and we will meet somewhere.  I just have thee weeks left before I have to go home.  boo hool
05 March 2008 @ 12:57 pm
Dear Readers, It has been awhile since I have sat down to opine.  70 has been a notch in my gun belt that I was not extremely happy to make.  However, when one thinks of the alternative, one is quite happy.  I get up every morning and I mentally think to myself"  What am I going to do in Paradise today?"  Everyday is filled with something unique and exciting,  I go to the library to tuder my 8th grade student and the librarian gives me a small box of chocolates because I have helped her with the Friends of the Library section while I was here.  I have never had such good candy before.  I go to my knitting classes which are either free or I have a private lesson for $15.00 for two hours.  At home private lessons are $30.00 per hour.  I am going to the post office today to mail  two pair of socks for Elizabeth and Samantha, a scarf for Alex  and  astronaut ice cream for the grandchildren in  New Castle,  I stopped at the science museum.  There was so much to see.  I sit out on the front porch  nearly every day because now that spring has arrived, the sun is out nearly every day.  The birds are really chirping,  I listen to  the radio, read the newspaper or knit and tan.  I have become very dark.  I don't even remember being too hot either.  This San Diego weather is really perfect.  I have already received a response for the car.  Offer was way too low, but who knows what may come about.  I have no pearls of wisdom  except it is great to be so happy and comfortable with myself.  That is all for now,.
27 February 2008 @ 11:21 pm
I thought it was just a day or two since I had posted a comment. Counting on my fingers I went from Friday to Wednesday using five fingers so five days must have flown by.  I am sosssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo sad .  I have four weeks left of my stay here.  I may stay a little extra depending how the car sells.  I need to take a photo of the scarf I am knitting. I need to go to the bank.  Everyday is just filled with things to do.  My sister's court case is over.  I know she is happy.  The judge did not rule completely in her favor,but he did not go against her completely either.They are coming to visit mid March.  They will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.  Well, not too much more to say, I am going to bed.  This is good for me because it is before midnight.
22 February 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Today is Friday.  It has rained all day, but I do not feel cold.  I have made a decision to stay home today.  This will be the first day I have not gone out somewhere.  Wow has the time flown by.  It is already four o'clock.  I have had two lessons on the entrelac stitch in knitting and by jove I think  I have got it.  I am not going to use the good yarn yet as it is fuzzy and if I have to unravel it , it becomes tangled as I have already found out.  I found a huge bag  of small balls of yarn at a thrift store.  The yarn is of all different colors.  I am putting the different shades of pink in the practice interlac stitch scarf.  I haven't touched my library book in days.  It will probably be over due.  The new books here are not new,  No one can outdo the Arlington Library.  Libraries in San Diego do lack a great deal.  Well, I may listen to some Chicago station, I love hearing about the amount of snow and ice that everyone is dealing with at this time,  I am facing the rain and the high 50 degree weather stoically.
20 February 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Today is Wednesday.  The sun came out  a little this afternoon,  It sprinkled most of the day,  Some people were out in tee shirts and a light jacket so it was not cold.  I wore my second poncho,  This one had a hole which I had to fix after it was finished.  I am still an intermediate beginner,  A master knitter would not have made that mistake.  Marge and I went to lunch.  She is leaving for Tahiti March 1.  She really is excited.  I have been there many, many years ago and really have no urge to return,  Every day is a vacation while I am in San Diego.  Funny taking to the ladies at Curves, they really love Chicago.  Grass does always look greener on the other side.  So Far the grass here is quite green and lovely.
19 February 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Today is Tuesday.  Spanish was cancelled today.  Horrah--------  The teacher has called me twice.  Once to tell me it was cancelled and the second time to set up a time to go over the lesson on the phone.  This I cannot do.  He called again tonight.  Oh, modern technology.  Just check the number and ignore.  Not nice.  I did go to my knitting lesson.  Two hours.  I did not complete two complete rows.  Each row being a set of eleven rows.  I just about finished the first set when I made a mistake.  Even the teacher had a hard time in finding it.  I still can't figure out what I did because the yarn is changing color and I know better than to stitch into a wrong color.  It shows up as a mistake immediately.  But I did not catch it.  When I finish this project . All will marvel at my expertise.  But I am not there yet.  I am going back on Thursday.  The high point tonight  listening to the news.  Obama won Wisconsin.  Hillary was over painted and under rated I hope as I watched her today.  She was wooing the union people.  I don't know how much lower she can go.  The lower she does go, the more she is in her environment.  WGN just announced the Cubs will be playing in March.  Is that right?
17 February 2008 @ 05:58 pm
Today is Sunday and yes, I did go to the opera at the movies which is much better than going to the real opera in person.  The age of the camera being the seeing eye is better than the real eye at the opera because the seats are so far from the action one cannot see the nuances of the actors as they raise an eyebrow or give a sneer.  I actually thought the heroine today was really ill and could no longer perform when I realized it was her character who was becoming ill and would die at the end of  the opera as is with most Puccini Operas. I think he had a thing against women and enjoyed seeing them die.  This opera was great  three and one half hours long with intermissions.  at the end she took all of fifteen minutes to die.  I kept thinking   now   now, but each time she would raise her head and belt out a few more notes.  All in all it was exciting as well as quite an emotional afternoon.  The next one is Sweeny  Todd as an opera. After seeing the movie, I think I'll pass.
16 February 2008 @ 11:25 am
Today is Saturday.  When I looked at the clock I misread a 6 for an 8.  Jumped out of bed because I was to be at the movie theater by 9:30 to see an opera.  After getting dressed, etc. I noticed the time.  Oh well, Now I have time to read the paper, do the crossword puzzle and play a game on the computer if time permits.  I did all of the above.  As it was nearing 9:00 I had a run on Jewel Quest, I could not stop.  9:15 and I am now at an all time high.  9:30 and I am still popping those babies off.  Finally I lost. Jumped into the car and in five minutes was Mission Valley.  Last month when I went the theater was only one half full.  I go up to the window to get my ticket and the person says  SOLD OUT   I had told too many people how good it was.  I should have not been so verbose.  Anyway I got a ticket for Sunday's performance. Now I am going to lunch,.  FuddRuckers.  I missed the ostrich burgers we used to get there before the one in Arlington Heights closed down.  Bye for now. Temperature is in the mid 60'sand getting warmer.
15 February 2008 @ 02:34 pm

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This is my first poncho. I'm really proud of it.