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18 September 2008 @ 05:27 pm
End of old adventure and new one beginning.  
It has taken me two and one half years to move from and sell two houses.  The first house was not so bad as i had a sales representative who sold the house for me.  I moved tons of boxes and furniture from that house to the second house. Three garage sales and two years later second house was fairly empty.  I was totally amazed at how much I had acquired.  Now that most everything is gone, I cannot even remember what I had.  Which proves things are not important.  I still have all the creature comforts and also feel much lighter and happier with not so much to be accountable for. I left Arlington Heights at 6:00 A. M. on a Thursday morning. It was drizzling.  There was no traffic. I had my new car and I knew where I was going.  I was going To Dr. Kenneth Lidge's house in Kansas City.  Trip wan uneventful unlike last time when my gas tank was on empty and there were no gas stations anywhere.  I got off the main road and 20 miles later found a gas station in a town where the gas station and grocery store were the only buildings of the town.  45 minutes later I was back on the same route.  I arrive at Ken's.  Ken is always fun to visit because he has a list of places to eat and thrift shops to visit.  I stayed a Ken's longer than I expected because the house was not going to be ready until 9/15.  On Tuesday 9/10 I called the management company.   "OH, YES,' they said 'THE HOUSE IS READY NOW.' Well bless me if I could have taken the phone wire and strangled that lady in San Diego, I would have.  For a management firm they did not manage too well.  I should have known when I called on Sept 10, their answering machine said, 'We will be closed for Labor Day."  I think they are a few inches short of a yard or many bricks short of a ton. Anyway  leaving 8:00 A. M. Wednesday I drive day and night and arrive in San Diego at 1:00 A. M. Friday. I found a Motel 8 and checked in.  When I parked I saw signs all over the parking area stating"WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLES STOLEN FROM CARS' This was written on regular paper and printed from a computer.   Great.  My best possessions I had in the car.  My computers, Bose Radio, Grandfather mantle clock, some paintings, etc.  anyhow I went to bed and must have fallen asleep.  Next morning I go down and everything is fine.  Good thing I did not worry.  They had free breakfast.  I did notice a couple who ate breakfast there and then walked away.  Most people get into their cars and drive away.  Do you think I found a new place to have breakfast?  Or maybe a new hobby of going into motels early in the morning and just having free breakfasts.  That would be a good idea if I would think of getting up early in the morning.
  I get the key from said management company and want to check out the place before I sign a lease.  I go over. Open the refrigerator and NO LIGHT.  This is a brand new refrigerator.  I call said management company.  Response is 'the electricity must be turned off."  I return, sign the lease and the receptionist helps me by dialing the gas/electric co. who tells me they won't come out until next Tuesday to turn the power on.  Dumb me.  I just agree and make an appointment to stay in the house from  7:00 A. M. until 11:59 P. M..  That is the window of time they give you when they might arrive.     ( end of first part)