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23 September 2008 @ 06:44 pm
another week in paradise flies by  
well, I am about to sit on tuesday waiting for the SDGE(for non Californians that is San Diego Gas and Electric)  Well, all of this is about to change when Nova and Cynthia.  Nova being the key word.  When I told her of my predicament, she responded, "You are not a native San Diegoan.  We do not tolerate this,"  With that she went outside with her cell phone and within  an hour our gas and electric was turned on.  She also  has the ability to have a parking spot open up to where we are going.  If you have not lived in California, you have no idea what a golden talent that is.  Some of the biggest restaurants, shops, etc.  have no parking area.  Space is such a premium.    Well, with electricity we went on to shop on Craig's list, IKEA, etc.  From Friday 8:00 A M. to Monday evening 7:00  P M.  the whole place was completely furnished.  Beds, tables, desks, living room table four chairs, 2 love seats and one stuffed  chair.  Everything I would ever want, I have.One funny incident happened at IKEA.  cynthia and I had been there the day before.  We picked out dining room table and four chairs, computer table and filing cabinet.  Next day the girls found a computer table better to their liking and after talking to me, bought it from Craig's list.  The next day Sunday I went to IKEA alone to return said two pieces.  I mention Sunday because being retired, that and Saturday are the two days I never go shopping.  The return line was unbelievable.  I was #64 and there were on 2 when I got there.  The gal who waited on me was quite sharp.  Since I didn't have anything to do but wait, I counted the number of people each of the three workers handled.  By far she was over three to one and I told her so.  That is an old Bob trick, If you see something nice, be sure to tell them about it.  So I did.  She said she enjoys her work.  Nice girl.  I leave and go upstairs and order the two love seats and one stuffed chair.  I was quite lucky because they were on sale and there were only three units of three left.  I was really proud of myself.  Next I take the paper the clerk handed me and I had to check out.  Again, there were many many check out stalls , but there were many, many, many many more people in line.  In front of me a young couple spent over $1,000.00. They had two carts between them.  Finally i paid for the furniture and the young man told me to go stand in the delivery line so they would know where and when to delivery the furniture.  While I was filling out the form and standing in another very long line, my phone rang.  It was Cynthia.  I told her I had returned the other two pieces and now was standing in the delivery line.  I got a big "WHAT?'  She then goes on to tell me that she had been to IKEA and had already bought the 2 love seats and chair.  So I step out of line.  If I stood upside down, I would be grinning.  I went back to the return department.  This department was so full there was no where to sit...  When the nice clerk from before saw me, she yelled out"What happened?'   I said  'Long story"  She beckoned for me to come up to explain to her what had happened.  She said I had waited long enough before.  With only paper to cancel out paper, her transaction was done in seconds.  I thanked her and then found out she had been born in DeKalb, Illinois which is just a hop and a skip away from Rockford.  Anyway I am finding even errors are fun in California.  There are more fun things happening, but I will add more tomorrow.