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02 November 2008 @ 05:44 pm
I have realized I have not written for two whole weeks.  I really have been busy,  However I am going to copy the letter I mailed today to the Friends of the Library in Arlington Heights.  Dear Friends,

I have just received your brochure about the coming sale. It could not have come at a better time.  I volunteered at the San Diego Library downtown.  The Big Library.  First day cost me $8.00 to park.  I met the other friend two floors below street level. Since she is handicapped, she can park anywhere. Now on Mondays I drive to her house, and we drive together to the library which is not open until noon and work in an area larger than the area I first started when I joined the Friends, but half the size of the area when I left the Arlington area.  Did you get that there are two friends at the San Diego Library?  Yep, Michelle and me.  The place is utter chaos.  They sell every week on seven carts which we prepare on Monday.  Their one dollar books are our throwaways.  Their good books are marked anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00.  The paperbacks are three for a $1.00 no matter the age or the content.  Michelle hates the librarians who bring down the books and never speaks well of the library.  Why she is a friend, I do not understand.  The president of the Friends comes down and does absolutely nothing, but tell Michelle not to put books on this table or that table.  He is quite old and is really more of a hinderence than anything else.  Michelle said she did quit once because of him.  I just ask what she would like me to do and then do it.  On Friday afternoon, Sat. all day and Sunday afternoon, the friends have their sale.  They say they average 5 to 6 hundred dollars a week.  However a week ago I saw their sales sheet and I do not believe it was even $150.00

They have one section allocated to internet sales.  The bigger, newer and better books are there.There are boxes all over.  Some have books in them, and some have garbage in them.  I asked if the maintenance people  empty the garbage.  Of course, they do not.  You have to go to a freight elevator and go up two floors and bring the garbage out to the dumpster.  If I did not think this was so funny, I would cry.

I remember my daughter telling me when she went to the library in Detroit. She called and said the Detroit library was no way near anything like the Arlington library.  Prior to this she thought all libraries were created equal.  I now believe the same for the Friends Organizations in different libraries.

When you have your banquet in May, think of Michelle and me sitting out in back of the library with the homeless eating a crust of bread.  Yes, the homeless is big in San  Diego, and their area is downtown around the library.  I will be sending pictures of the area when I stop having so many wonderful new experiences.

This was the best thing I could have done for myself.  I am all moved into my little 2 bedroom house with the garage 1/2 block away.  My daughter came twice to help and I am totally moved in with all the pictures on the wall.etc.  IKEA is a great place for furniture.  Cheap and easy to put together.

My landlord (81) takes me out to lunch on Tuesdays.  He is widowed and quite interesting for lunch dates.  He can't drive at night because he can't see too well.  I think he lives about 30 minutes away.

I am trying to decide between 2 churches to join.  I think for now I will go to one on one Sunday and the next Sunday the other church.  One is Presbyterian and the other is a community church.

I have been invited to a gay wedding next Saturday.  My last winter's landlord is getting married.  He has been with his partner for 27 years.  He also owns an antique shop near by and has offered me a job one day a week in his shop.  When I  was here last winter, I gave him some of my junk jewelry to sell.  He gave me a check for $130.00 today.  People around here seem to have a great deal of money and are not miserly in using it. 

The restaurants are quite good.  I usually go out for lunch.  Better prices just like at home.  Shows are a bit more expensive, but again if I do go , I would go in the afternoon.

My sister is coming next week and plans to stay five days.  She asked me today about the weather.  there have been some 90degree days.  I asked,"Why?" when this is supposed to be the perfect weather spot.  Evidently in the spring and in the fall there are about four or five days that go out of kilter and do foolish things like get too hot.  Sure enough, The Santa Ana winds came and now the weather is back to the 70's.  However the Santa Anas blow from the land out to the sea and that is when the fires come also.  I am close to the fires like Arlington Heights is to Chicago, but am in no danger as I live in town and the canyon is a good two blocks from the house.

Canyons are another experience.  You can travel the expressways or you can go surface streets.  A picture would explain more.  When you are on an expressway in town, you could see six or more roads overhead twisting and turning in all directions.  This is the way you go over a canyon and into another populated area.  It sounds much more complicated than it really is.  I also live five minutes away from Balboa Park.  Every week end there is something going on in the park.

When I am in the bank, park, shopping mall I look around and see Chinese, Japanese, Africans(depending which area they come from dressed according to their country) Mexicans(most tellers, restaurant  workers etc. speak Eng. and Spanish)
It is truly an area of  many different  and very friendly people.  I truly feel happy just being here.  Hopefully will not take so long in writing in the journal againn.